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The technological developments today have taken up a high speed. It affects our lives and has given a totally different shape. Based on that the Users today have also become very demanding and wants quick and tailored service. Many people already use voice search devices at least once a day. As voice recognition technology continues to prosper and services continue to be added, more consumers are expected to shift from traditional communication to voice engagement.

Powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP), CIL’s Voice Bots are designed to simulate natural conversational patterns. Introduce your audience to this unique voice enabled platform that offers human-like conversations on mobile. This can be further categorized into two types – visual response or response via voice only. Voice recognition bot offers new opportunities for personalization and intimate engagement for companies where such technology does a lot more than the traditional approach.


The consumers these days have been using voice assistants in almost all their daily activities like from playing music to shopping for everything. Using the voice enabled services has helped in making the communication more convenient, accessible and simpler for the consumers. It’s a must have solution for those who cannot read or have trouble in understanding different navigations. Some of its highlights are:


Voice mode communication

Voice is the most natural mode of communication, voice bot therefore becomes the most preferred mode of communication owing to its ease of use.


Seamless Recognition

Our bots use natural language processing and are skilled to understand common expressions. This lets your User speak naturally, instead of restricting them to “yes” or “no” responses.


Real-time Processing

Our Voice bot starts processing your speech as soon as users start speaking and prepares responses while they speak. How does this help? Our bots reply the instant your User stops speaking, with zero unnatural gaps.


Improved efficiency

Voice helps in consolidating various features of the Users’ necessities like reminders, appointment bookings, tickets etc. All this is done with a human-like interaction. This leaves less space for human errors and increases the complete effciency.


Reduce User confusion

Voice bots can help in minimalizing the user’s confusion, caused by the using highly technical terms and jargons. The process can be simplified by explaining the complex terms and taking the Users through a step by step journey.

Application Areas

Many companies still view IVR as an easy and convenient option to communicate with users especially media dark areas. But in doing so, they miss its real value - improved customer service. A well designed interactive voice response system is fast, convenient and personalized. It drives customer satisfaction and saves time. Using voice, User can connect with voice bots, micro apps and back-end systems. Companies can now welcome conversational IVR, which uses Natural Language Processing (NLP), to let a bot understand spoken requests. Here are some applications of Voice Bots

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Intelligent Virtual Assistant

An automated service through which user talks to the system instead of the usual DTMF inputs.

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Conduct Games

Conduct games and contests without any platform dependencies and always on platform.

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Mass Survey & Feedback mechanism

Conduct automated voice integrated surveys and gather maximum response from the user.

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Lead Generation & Qualification

Voice bot is an ideal and effcient medium for sector specific lead generation & qualification.

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Consumer Profiling

Enrich your consumer base by continuous updating of consumer profiles through call navigation and preferences.

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Companies can conduct offline voice integrated training for internal team, schools, colleges etc and ensure that a wide range of audience are benefited through Voice Solutions.


Cosmic Information & Technology Ltd. is industry leader in voice-based offerings. Slash down those long, boring IVR menus and upgrade to our unique & independent Voice bots to naturally converse with your customers. Conduct feedback surveys faster & more naturally using voice bots in place of IVR's.

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