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What is mSamvaad and how does it work?

mSamvaad is India’s largest audio bridge which can connect right from 3 users to 25000 users on an audio conference bridge in no time.

Unlike any other solution, mSamvaad works without any dependency on Internet or mobile app so any person, even with a basic feature phone, can easily join the conference. The backbone of mSamvaad is India’s largest SIP Infrastructure which makes it highly scalable for connecting mass audience.

Today, top brands, corporates, enterprises, organizations, publicleaders and personalities use mSamvaad platform to interact withthousands of users. The simplicity and user friendliness of mSamvaadmake it popular among the users.

How it Works

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Internet/Mobile App not Required

The only solution which works through phone call without mobile App or Internet connectivity.

Works on Any Phone

Works on any phone, be it a basic feature phone or high-end smart phone; no dependencies.

Set up Large Conferences

Large scale infrastructure to connect over 25000 users in seconds, zero wait time for participants.

Speaker & Audience Feature

Admin control to mute all participants when speaker is addressing to avoid any disturbance.

Two Way Interaction

Participants can raise hand to interact, moderator can unmute participants for two-way interaction.

Flexi Connect

Users can join conference either by dialing PIN secured number or by receiving call dialed by the system.

Instant Activation & Reporting

Ready to use platform with no time for activation; get online reports through your dedicated account.

The Extra mile You Achieve with us

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Most Stable Product

Connect with India’s largest audio bridge trusted by top brands and leaders to connect with audience.

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Crystal Clear Voice

Highly reliable voice service with exceptionally high bandwidth for noise free conferences.

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Largest Audio Bridge

Use India’s largest audio bridge to connect 25000+ users on a single conference anytime.

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Dynamic Web Control

Admin control to manage groups, create & execute conferences, and analyze reports easily.

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API Connectivity

Control the conference from your portal through well documented APIs & integrate with your CRM.

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Training & Support

Dedicated team for training & support for managing glitch free consumer connect campaigns.

Success Stories