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In the world of technology, one type of technology that has helped to transform the way that we learn and work is the interactive screen. An interactive screen is a mounted device that enables users to make vibrant visual presentations and control on-screen data through verbal interactions. Interactive screens not only promote the product and share information more clearly, but their interaction capabilities also facilitate a more engaging experience for the entire audience. Deploying Voice control on display screens enhances functionality and offers a more integrated and useful holistic user experience.

Interactive Screens backed by IVR Voice support are set to make the environment more exciting than ever allowing blended experience to take place on a more advanced level. Voice integration is an advanced tool which uses speech recognition to understand spoken commands and answer questions accordingly. It is an ideal component of interactive screens that enables improved human-machine communication experience.



Wireless Connectivity

Control the screen from a distance with voice commands & mobile screens.


Connect, Collaborate and Learn

Give Control to viewers to interact with the screen instead of monotonous display.


Cleaner and Crisper Image

The interactive screen produces an image that is much cleaner and crisper than a projector, and there is no risk of the image being hard to see due to bright sunlight.


No Issues

There is no need to purchase a separate projector and there are also no issues with the projector light potentially shining in the user’s eyes.


Far More Durable

When compared to traditional whiteboards interactive screens have a far more durable surface which can withstand the accidental use of permanent marker, punctures and even water.



Voice Call

Use our precise NLP & Voice Recognition technology to control the screens over a simple voice call. User can dial a number and start controlling the screen to view the content as per the choice.


Mobile Screen

With a simple voice call, connect mobile phone with the screen and control it with the keypress. Press the key and change the content on the screen for meaningful engagement.


With Alexa

Modernize your interaction with sophisticated Alexa controlled screens. Just give a command to Alexa to control the screen. Provide next-gen experience and accelerate your brand value.

Broad Application

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Interactive screen using CIL’s IVR or Alexa enabled technology can deliver incredible interactive capabilities for 21st century classrooms. Featuring great capabilities, students can gain knowledge through creative brainstorming.

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Automobile Industry

Brands can welcome the voice integrated screens to display the features, cost, offer virtual test drive and a lot more through Interactive screen.

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Banking Sector

With increasing demand in the banking sector, now banks can integrate interactive screens to provide instant response on updates services and offers.

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Transport Industry

Interactive screen can be an independent channel that provides an instant update on the upcoming travel or journey, transport vehicle, based on the request submitted.

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Sales Sector

Product promotion can be challenging but integrating the same with interactive screens can make the task, simple, easy and interesting. Add the spice of communication and let the product talk for itself through Interactive screens powered by CIL.

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From the type of room to the type of facility, hotels can provide personalized information based on the user’s request.


Cosmic Information & Technology Ltd. is industry leader in voice-based offerings. We bridge the gap of communication by offering simple and seamless voice enabled solutions for your simple or smart phone to your screen.

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