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The “Content Distribution Wi-Fi Platform” is a perfect fit for content distribution in remote areas which are media dark and have unstable Internet connectivity. Broadly, the solution has two variants – Wearable and Deployable. CIL’s Content Distribution Platform offers fast streaming over Wi-Fi with multiple simultaneous connections. Users in the vicinity of the solution just need to connect with open Wi-Fi and start browsing the content by opening suggested site in browser. It supports all kind of contents such as video, audio, text (pdf), mobile Applications etc. In addition to the content, it offers ground research tool by means of survey forms which users can fill. INTERNET IS NOT REQUIRED in entire process.

The tiny device can be easily fit into pocket or T-Shirts of volunteer who is visiting various villages to provide movable Wi-Fi platform. All the people near to the person can connect with the device and get benefit of content. The device can also be installed at some prominent place to offer uninterrupted content distribution over Wi-Fi. As Internet is not required to view/download the content, there is no cost for the users who are fetching the content from the device. Also because of no Internet requirement, the content download speed is extremely fast; users need not to wait for content buffering unlike Internet browsing. The solution doesn’t demand any special training, installation, and maintenance. It just requires simple “Switch On” functionality to start the device.

Product Variants

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Wearable Wi-Fi Solution

This is first of its kind solution which offers movable & wearable Wi-Fi connectivity. Person can wear the small size device and carry it wherever he goes. The device is in ON condition and can keep of distributing content to the users near to it. As this is wearable, volunteers can take it to extreme rural areas to distribute variety of content where Internet is not available or have unstable connectivity. The solution offers 10 – 15 Concurrent connections for video content distribution and 15 – 20 Concurrent connections for all other types of content.

Deployable Wi-Fi Solution

The device can be installed at desired place having high foot fall such as Gram Panchayat, Health Centres, Anganwadi Centres, Schools, Public Transport Centres, etc. for content Distribution. People visiting these places can connect with the device and get the available content. The solution offers 15 – 20 Concurrent connections for video content distribution and 25 – 30 Concurrent connections for all other types of content.

Deployable Wi-Fi Solution can be customized for increasing concurrent connection limits up to 500 connections; this customization is possible to serve the content in large gatherings such as public rallies.

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Wearable Wi-Fi or Content Distribution Platform is portable can be easily transported from one place to another. It can target a vast set of audience in one go without any heavy transport.


Enhanced Productivity

Wearable Wi-Fi helps you to reach out to the preferred audience in the most effcient manner, where Brand can offer internet facility by promoting itself.


Streamlined Marketing

Streamlining your marketing strategy allows a more organized and effective result. By having a marketing strategy in which you produce on one platform and distribute it to other platforms allows for a more effcient and effective result.


Higher Reach

Using CIL’s Content Distribution Platform will allow your content to reach far and wide. By distributing your content you can reach a larger audience. More people can view your content and you will have a greater impact.


Boost Visibility

The more visibility that you have, the more likely people will be able to find you, understand your brand and its benefits and attempt to purchase your product.