Samvad Kendra – Har Ghar Dastak for BJP

About Virtual Call Centre

BJP wanted to set up a massive scale virtual call center for their most ambitious project to reach out Crores of Citizens across India with one-on-one interaction. They wanted to have their volunteers and call center agents seating across 200+ cities from all States & UTs with centralized calling infrastructure, monitoring, control & call recording facility with detailed analytics.

A virtual call center is a cloud-based call center in which the agents are geographically spread, instead of operating from work stations. For any industry or brand, the virtual call center model helps in saving rent and equipment costs. The agents are connected via virtual call center software. This software helps the agents to log-in as per his preference and complete the task accordingly.

Virtual call center is operated by central VoIP technology that helps all your agents to stay connected to the main network or dashboard. When calls come in from phone lines that are associated with various companies, the caller ID display will showcase the name of the company the customer is calling for as well as the call source. Seasoned agents know to double check the caller ID and circumvent the potential for confusion. Furthermore, since agents are able to set their working hours, there’s a lot more flexibility involved than building specified hours of operation.

Campaign’s Objective

Before 2019 General Elections, BJP wanted to touch base large section of voters and their volunteers across India with one-on-one personalized interaction by their calling teams. For adequate regional language speaking manpower, BJP decided to open call centers in 200 + cities across all States and Union Territories. The challenge they had was to have a centralized calling infrastructure, monitoring and reporting along with call recording and detailed analytics.

Getting PRI/SIP calling infrastructure across these cities was not feasible and calling through mobile phone had challenge of centralized reporting & monitoring. Hence, they approached CIL to provide a solution through which they can execute this massive level project.

CIL’s Solution

Cosmic set-up centralized calling infrastructure with 35000 calling Channels and also procured over 40000 SIM cards from different telecom operators which were provided to the agents across the states.

All the locations were connected to CIL’s calling infra for placing calls to end users with centralized reporting and monitoring. We established Secured two-way communication channels for taking calling requests from remote call centers so agents can do calling from their locations without any physical calling infra at their end.

The entire project was supported with high end Data & App Servers, Big Data Platforms, media servers, and continues tech support for seamless execution.


This was the biggest call centre set-up done for any political party. The outcome is as follows:

  • •   Touched 30Cr+ Citizens in 6 Months’ time.
  • •   Centralized set up for 15000 Agents located in 200+ Cities across all States & UTs of India.
  • •   Largest Project Specific SIP INFRA with 35000 Channels with centralized monitoring and control.
  • •   Daily 30 Lac+ one-on-one Successful Interactions.
  • •   Dialed 1.5Cr Calls Daily.
  • •   Recording of 1000 + TB for analysis.