Amul Voice Conference

About Campaign

During current lockdown, Milk is marked as an essential service and it is exempted from the restrictions imposed by Central Govt. of India. Banas Dairy which is part of Amul collects milk from its vendors which are placed in different parts of Gujarat. Now, these milk vendors can come to the collection center and supply their milk but they need to be well aware of precautions and health measures to prevent COVID-19 infection. If they are not aware then not just themselves but lacs of people may get affected through the entire supply chain of Banas Dairy. As most of these vendors belong to rural or semi urban areas, despite efforts from the Government, they may not have adequate knowledge about various measures they should be taking to prevent infection. Also, many of the vendors have wrong perceptions, fear of losing business, and questions on their security while coming to collection centers.

Campaign’s Objective

Banas Dairy wanted to touch base with these vendors to explain the scenario and take questions from these vendors to provide correct information to make the Milk Collection and processing cycle as smooth as it should be.

CIL’s Solution

Banas Dairy approached Cosmic Information & Technology Ltd. to provide a solution to the mentioned problem. Cosmic suggested its most powerful conferencing solution mSamvad which enables live interaction and Question-Answer between large scale of audience live. Banas Dairy agreed to use mSamvad for communicating with a large number of milk vendors on a regular basis.


Each of the conferences connects thousands of milk vendors and the conference runs for more than 1 hour with the entire pool of audience which itself proves the usefulness of mSamvad Conferencing Solution.


The series of conferences have helped Banas Diary to keep their milk collection and processing cycle unaffected during the ongoing lockdown. 15 thousand people contacted. The campaign received upto 85% connectivity and upto 100% listenership. Each call duration during the campaign lasted between 40 to 45 mins