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How Does it Work!

Missed call is one of the most popular medium for capturing user response at no cost either to consumer or brand. Historically, we Indians prefer giving missed call right from the early days of mobile communication; this consumer behavior has been capitalized by, brand by embedding missed call solution in consumer connect campaign.

Be it interest capture, user registration, event participation, information gathering, or service opt-in; missed is most efficient and quick service. Followed by missed call, SMS and/or voice call can be initiated by system to give confirmation to the consumer.

The Missed call Flow

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No Cost

There is no call cost to either the consumer or to the brand for conducting missed call led campaign.


Quick and Simple

Missed call is most easy and quickest form of showing interest or participating in the consumer connect campaign.


Always Available

No workforce is required to manage the campaign; the channels are available 24 x 7 for consumers.


Variety of Call to Action

Missed call is the first step of the campaign with multiple further engagement options such as response SMS, Simple Call back, detailed IVR, Winner declaration and lot more.



Detailed analysis of campaign as well as performance tracking of different promotional mediums on the basis of participations received through missed call. The numerous data intelligence helps in promotional as well as budgetary

Use Cases

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Connect with Brand

Invite users to join a cause or a campaign by just giving a missed call.

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Confirm the s subscription of any service for regular updates and interactions.

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Further Engagement

Missed call opens doors of continues engagement for regular information sharing.

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Lead Generation/Registration

Reach out to mass and generate the lead by capturing interest via missed calls

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Information Sharing

Sharing multimedia information through a SMS in response to a missed call.

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User Verification

Instead of sending OTP, user can dial a missed call and verify the mobile number.

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App Downloads

Easiest way for app downloads where user gets App download link in response can just give a to the missed call.

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Engagement & Voting

Entertainment & Media groups can publish missed call numbers for taking votes from the viewers.

The Extra Mile You Achieve With Us

Managing world’s largest missed call led campaigns

Over the years, we have managed world’s largest missed call led campaigns where millions of consumers have connected with the brand.

Find Channels always available

India’s Largest Telecom Infrastructure deployed to manage the missed call flow. Never miss any of your consumer because of unavailability of free channel to capture the missed call.

Chose the Right Number

The most important element of missed call campaign is the virtual number. We offer most easy to remember number which consumer can never forget and dials it without any difficulty.

Most Experienced Team

Design your missed call led campaigns with India’s most experienced and innovative team for mobile media. The team will design most engaging and interesting campaign to achieve best results.

CRM Integration

Real time client CRM update by API integration for campaign tracking and performance analysis. Measure the campaign impact with various datapoints and parameters.

Realtime Reporting

In-depth campaign reporting and data analytics made available through web-based LIVE MIS Dashboard.

Hyper Targeting

Utilize our Deterministic Data with enriched segmentation to target right audience for inviting missed calls.

Instant Activation

It takes almost no time for activating the missed call campaign with real time reporting.

Set up multiple campaigns

Run multiple missed call campaigns simultaneously to evaluate performance of different products/service promotional mediums or for conducting pilot campaigns.

Success Stories